About New Hampshire Digital Services

Situated in the heart of Derbyshire, NHDS are an application-based engineering company providing design and development expertise in the telecommunications sector.

Originally formed in 1991 to take advantage of the emerging public domain mobile data networks (Mobitext, Paknet, Infotac), NHDS soon became one of the pioneer product developers in the domestic marketplace.

Throughout 1993 and 1994 we designed and developed a fully approved Sign Driver Unit which became integral to the Highways Agency traffic management on the UK’s motorway network. In partnership with Signature SA, we have continued to design and develop Sign Driver units which are now capable of controlling the very latest MS4 Motorway Signs.

At the same time, dramatic growth in the GSM network infrastructure prompted NHDS to expand into other telecomms technologies. Over the last decade remote monitoring has become our core business. We have now been providing remote monitoring solutions for over 12 years, and growth markets benefiting from NHDS technology include electricity distribution, water utilities, mobile network providers, process control, manufacturing, security and the waste management industry. The standard product range has evolved to utilise GSM, GPRS, GPS, 3G and Web based technologies.

To date NHDS have deployed over 13,000 units worldwide, monitoring remote assets and equipment such as electricity meters, water meters, waste compactors, generators, alarms systems and circuit protection devices. Our range of remote monitoring products can provide information such as power usage, water demand, relay operations, power outage duration and PIR activity. We also provide the facility for GPS location and tracking on designated equipment, where customers have a requirement for more detailed asset management.

We now provide remote monitoring, traffic management and asset tracking solutions, using a combination of off-the-shelf products and bespoke system designs tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. All products are designed, assembled and tested ‘in-house’ at our production facility in the East Midlands.

Clients using NHDS products include National Grid Wireless, United Utilities Plc, Scottish & Southern Energy, Hyder Plc, Thorn Security, Secure Options, British Telecom, Securicor-PMR, Highways Agency, Serco Systems, Bell-South, Motorola, United Wireless, Schneider Electric, Hong Kong Telecom, Serco Systems, Signature (France), Associated British Ports, Singapore Telecom, 24 Seven, Simoco.

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