Remote condition monitoring of farm equipment

Agri-Trak offers an affordable farm equipment monitoring solution for remote farm buildings, farm machinery and other agricultural equipment.

Agri-Trak has its own integral power supply giving 10 year standalone operation. Using the GSM mobile phone network, when an event is recorded an alarm is sent either to your mobile phone or phones as a text message, or to your existing farm office computers. When installed in a farm building for security purposes information on the building contents can also be transmitted, for example grain temperature excessive, mains power supply failure or irrigation  malfunction.

Visibility of your agricultural plant and machinery

NHDS has designed Agri-Trak to monitor and report alarm conditions and the operational status of your agricultural plant and equipment.  Agri-Trak is fully user configurable,  allowing you to set it to remotely monitor the condition of a vast range of farm plant equipment parameters. Agri-Trak can be configured for condition monitoring of almost any item of agricultural equipment, whether fixed plant or mobile farm machinery: Grain Dryer Stopped; Fuel Level Low; Oil Level Low; Excessive Temperature.  Any out-of-range parameters are detected and automatically sent as a text message to your mobile phone or to your office computer.

Agri-Trak can be used for automatic remote alarm status reporting and condition monitoring of grain dryers, silos, material handlers, tractors, harvesters, combines, balers, mixers and millers.

Added safety for your staff

Installed in your tractors and machinery, Agri-Trak means your remote workers are no longer lone workers. By using conveniently placed panic buttons you will be immediately informed of their need for assistance, together with their location and vital operational information concerning the equipment.

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Monitoring Remote Combine - AgriTrak

Benefits of Agri-Trak

  • Easy to install

  • Self-powered by Lithium 10 year battery

  • Pay-as-you-go GSM connection

  • No costly airtime/dedicated landlines

  • Can help reduce insurance premiums

  • Improved Health & Safety compliance