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First-hand experience of the farming industry by one of the NHDS management team led to the development of Agri-Trak, designed specifically to allow remote monitoring of fixed and mobile farm equipment and buildings. 

Whilst demands on agricultural staff continue to grow and profits continue to shrink, farmers are continually seeking innovative ways to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Agri-Trak helps to address this by reporting alarmed status of machinery and equipment as text messages directly to a mobile phone.  Uses of Agri-Trak in the farming sector are wide and can include remote monitoring of virtually any type of fixed or mobile farm machinery.

The benefits of Agri-Trak are increased productivity, improved health and safety for staff and remote workers, reduced equipment maintenance, rapid response to out-of-parameter conditions of the equipment being monitored and improved farm security.

  • Grain Dryers
  • Machinery Fuel/oil levels and pressures
  • Engine hours
  • Electricity/Gas/Water supply failure
  • Poultry house temperature changes
  • Irrigation and pumping equipment
  • Building security and intruder alarms
  • 'Man down' panic buttons
Agri-Trak Project Profile

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Project Details

  • Business sector: Agriculture
  • NHDS product: Agri-Trak
  • Application: Grain dryer monitoring and associated critical farm operations
  • NHDS Partner: Direct

    Customer Comment With margins being eroded, farm managers are are continually under pressure to increase staff efficiency, it is therefore not always possible to deploy labour in supervisory roles, often resulting in expensive losses when, for example, a grain dryer develops a fault. Installing Agri-Trak to monitor critical functions has meant that attention can be diverted to where the need is greatest, confident that in the event of equipment failure staff are informed immediately via their mobile phones, regardless of their whereabouts.

  • Application

    To monitor agricultural buildings, machinery and equipment, reporting "out of parameter" conditions as alarms sent as SMS text messages to existing mobile phones:

    • Burglar/fire alarm activated
    • Oil/Fuel level low
    • Power supply interrupted
    • Temperature high/low
    • Humidity high/low
    • Equipment location
    • Driver needs assistance

    Operational Benefits

    • Increased operational efficiency

    • Health & Safety compliance

    • Peace of mind & security

    • Less risk of insurance premium rises

    • Increased bottom line profits