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Scottish And Southern Energy

A system designed to monitor the remote operation of pole mounted reclosers on the HV network. How Messengers are used to enhance the monitoring system of S&SE in remote areas out of range of the SCADA network.


The remote temperature monitoring of freezers containing Malaria vaccines. Staff are informed immediately of temperature alarms and power failure via SMS text messages.

United Utilities

TA system to provide a remote monitoring solution for power outages. This system provides early warning of outages on HV and MV networks and monitors and reports all interruptions to supply.

National Grid Wireless

A wireless meter reading solution based on the Messenger 62 remote meter reading and monitoring unit. Messenger units use the GSM network to report metered electricity usage at over 1500 sites to the central host terminal system at head office.

MS4 Sign Driver

The design of an MS4 Variable Message Sign (VMS) for the Highways Agency in conjunction with Signature s.a (France). A trial scheme has been implemented and driver feedback is being monitored.