GPS Tracker

GPS Messenger

  • Locate a unit anywhere in the world by use of the GPS  facility  
  • Internal Lithium battery pack, ensures unit requires no external power source
  • Sends location details as a text message to a mobile phone as lat/long co-ordinates
  • Can be configured to take readings at regular intervals (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly, etc) and to report readings either in real-time or in batches (to conserve battery life).
  • Can be configured by text message over-air or via connected cable
  • Unit can report its position to within approximately 10 metres
  • The exact operational criteria for the GPS tracking functionality can be tailored to suit individual applications.


    Ideal for tracking mobile equipment or valuable assets at risk from theft.

    A variant of the GPS tracker is being used for tracking endangered/at risk animals in Kenya. 

    Vehicle location, with minimal installation costs.


    Being powered by itís own integral lithium power supply, which gives up to 3 years of stand-alone operation (dependant on configuration), stolen/misplaced equipment with no local power supply can now be located.  

    Actual populated PCB size: 67mm x 40mm x 17mm (LxWxD)

    Technical Specification - GPS Tracker Fact Sheet

    The following are also available :

    Configuration Kit