Messenger Systems - M62 Input Monitor

M62 Alarm Monitor
  • Counts pulses on 8 inputs
  • Monitors 8 volt-free digital inputs
  • Monitors 3 analogue inputs (4-20 mA or 0-5 Volts)
  • Built in GSM (mobile phone) modem
  • Forwards alarms to PC based Messenger Host Terminal and mobile phones
  • Makes weekly routine health check test calls
  • Fully reprogrammable over air and locally
  • Simple to install, no maintenance
  • AC powered with rechargeable lead acid battery
  • Can be polled by host at any time
  • Main and standby contact numbers for host
  • To view a PDF of the M62 Fact Sheet click on the link:: Messenger M62 Fact Sheet

    • Option for 5-240V AC/DC inputs (M6204 Variant)


    The Messenger 62 is suitable for any pulse counting/general alarm monitoring application where the equipment to be monitored has volt-free output contacts or analogue outputs. Messenger counts pulses on up to 8 inputs and has 8 normally closed inputs. It also has 3 analogue inputs (4-20 mA or 0-5 volts) with 8 bit resolution. Messenger reports alarms and counter values to a remote PC and/or mobile phones by using the GSM (mobile phone) network. Messenger is AC powered and monitors/reports loss and restoration of mains supply.


    Messenger is triggered to contact the Host PC by one of the following events:

    Once triggered, the Messenger will dial the pre-programmed telephone number and enter a two way exchange of data with the Host Terminal.

    Because all messages from Messenger units are formatted and sent using data technology over the GSM network, installation is
    simple and provides excellent communications coverage. The PC based Messenger Host Station can be used as a site editing

    Alarm and reset messages forwarded to Host Terminal/mobile phone(s) include the following information:

    • Location of Messenger unit
    • Type, serial number and details of equipment being monitored
    • Date/Time alarm event occurred
    • Type of alarm (alarm/reset)
    • Counter values on all 8 of the pulse counting inputs are passed to the Host during every contact

    The Messenger Host Terminal application alerts users to alarms and can display the status of related Messenger units (on the same HV circuit perhaps) and alarm and contact histories. Field staff can be automatically sent an SMS text message by the Messenger Host in the event of alarm conditions.

    During contact with a Host Terminal the Messenger unit recalibrates its real time clock and updates any operational settings which
    users may have edited. If for any reason an alarm call fails, Messenger has a retry algorithm to ensure message delivery.

    Technical Specification


    Standard Modem GSM 900/1800 (dual band) integrated modem. Requires a data enabled SIM card. Antenna On board stub antenna. Can be replaced by external antenna and lead.


    Diagnostic/Monitor Port

    RJ-45 connector Provides serial interface to allow local configuration/diagnostics from a pc, using the NHDS serial interface module.
    Also provides an indication of GSM RSSI signal strength when the NHDS RSSI module is attached.

    SPI bus expansion ports

    • 4xRJ-12 connector Provides SPI bus expansion to 4-external interfaces
    • Allows expansion to a variety of external devices such as GPS, locally networked messengers, Analogues (temperature/humidity etc.), digital outputs

    Power Supply

    • External Supply  - 230/115v ac, switch selectable, 1A fused nominal power 100 mWatts
    • Battery specification  - Double D "Cyclon" sealed lead acid 2.5Ah 4V 78w x 68h x 44d
    • Current consumption  - Quiescent: 1 mA
    • TX/RX: 200mA to 600mA at 4V dc
    • Max. charge 800mA. Current limited by mains PTC and dc regulator


    • Rating - IP66, fitted with Vent to IPX4
    • Material - Non Flammable Polycarbonate, colour RAL 7035
    • Dimensions - 182mm (h) x 180mm (w) x 90mm (d)
    • Mounting - 4 x M4 (5mm diameter) wall mounting holes. Holes located outside watertight seal. Holes at 115mm vertical and horizontal centres
    • Standard Cable Entry -  Mains: 1 x 20mm hole fitted with IP66 cable entry gland. Gland accepts cable diameters in range 5mm to 10mm. Inputs: 1 x M25 hole fitted into IP68 cable entry gland accepts cable diameters in range 6mm to 13mm


    • Approx. Weight (inc. modem and stub antenna) 1 Kg
    • Operational temp range 20C to +55C (GSM Modem) -40C to +70C (Messenger unit)
    • Retry Algorithm (in case of failed calls/busy Host) 10 retries at approximately 1 minute intervals, followed by a 24 hour wait and then starts call attempts again. Health Check test call frequency 1 to 99 days and option to disable
    • On-board Mains input monitoring
    • Analogue measurement of the mains supply allowing power outage detection logs to be generated
    • On-board battery monitoring On and Off load voltage measurement of battery voltage, giving accurate battery status
    • Automatic low power mode, allowing power saving during mains failure with up to 5-days standby monitoring
    • On board Input Event Logs Memory 100 (expandable if required)
    • On board Comms Event Logs
    • Logging of analogue input readings at user defined intervals


    Independently Approved

    EN61010-1:2001   EN60068-2-1   EN60068-2-2   EN60068-2-3   EN61326:1997

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