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Applications for the NHDS product range in the Utilities market are across all sectors: power distribution; gas distribution; water supply and wastewater treatment. Many of our core products have been designed in conjunction with utility providers, and are well suited to this environment.


The functionality of the NHDS product range provides customers with the facility to monitor plant and machinery in real time. This ability reduces machine down times to a minimum, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Manufacturers can be alerted to machine failures locally, on a remote pc or via text messages to mobile phones.


The Messenger range of products and options can be used for remote monitoring of vehicles and trailer fleets. The ability to monitor in real time gives significant operational and logistical benefits. The addition of GPS location devices enhances fleet management capabilities and provides accurate tracking information in the event of theft.

Service Sector

Typical applications for the NHDS product range in the Service sector are for remote monitoring of vending machines, ticketing systems and ATM machines. Our products are capable of monitoring for Mains Supply failures, tamper alarms, theft, as well as stocking levels, ensuring that machines are always kept fully stocked.


NHDS have a long history of providing remote monitoring devices to the security industry. The Messenger 61 in particular is used by specialist security companies and local councils as a means of cost effectively monitoring void properties remotely, where no local source of power is readily available.


NHDS has first-hand experience of the waste handling and waste management market and this experience led us to develop a range of products specifically for this industry.


First-hand experience of the farming industry by one of the NHDS management team led to the development of Agri-Trak, designed specifically to allow remote monitoring of fixed and mobile farm equipment and buildings.