Messenger Systems - Messenger Configuration Kit

The "Messenger Configuration Kit" is a useful commissioning and diagnostics tool. It comprises the 'Messenger Configuration Utility' software application (provided by NHDS), running on a PC with Windows 95/98/NT (provided by you) and a programming
lead for connecting to the Messenger (provided by NHDS).

The kit is used during the commissioning, maintenance and testing of Messenger units. The Messenger operational settings need to be programmed into a Messenger in order for it to operate correctly - this can be done either from the Host Terminal or locally using the kit.

The Messenger Configuration Utility program has the following main functionality:
  • Allows operational settings to be 'configured' using simple forms in the program '
  • Views Messenger input status on the PC

The following are also available;

  • Messenger RSSI Measurement Kit
  • Messenger Training