Messenger Systems

The NHDS Messenger System was designed specifically as a low cost method of monitoring remote sites or processing plant outside normal working hours.

Made up of any number of Messenger units (monitoring inputs from your production processes, plant or simple status inputs) communicating over air  using mobile phone technology to a central PC which is used to display incoming alarms and status changes as well as for archiving and exporting data.

For smaller schemes where only a small number of Messengers are required, the units can be configured to report alarms directly to mobile phones as text messages. In this case there is no need for the Host PC.

The system can interface with existing Network Management Systems and other corporate PC users over a LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). 

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NHDS offer the following Messenger Systems for remote alarm monitoring and pulse counting/meter reading. Please click on the title of the product to find out more::

M61-96 - The M61-96 meter reader has been developed to meet the environmentally harsh requirements of the water meter reading environment.
Messenger M61 - lithium powered and suitable for any general alarm monitoring application where the equipment to be monitored has volt-free output contacts and where no power supply is available.
Messenger M62  mains powered with multiple alarm contacts and multiple meter reading/pulse counting contacts.
Text Messenger M62 functionality, however alarms are sent as SMS Text messages directly to mobile phones.
Messenger PSTN  as M61 although communication is via land lines rather than GSM.

The following are also available;

  • Messenger Configuration Kit
  • Messenger RSSI Measurement Kit
  • Messenger Training
  • Remote Monitoring Messenger Systems
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    :: Messenger System Overview (2.3MB)

    :: Messenger M61 Fact Sheet

    :: Messenger M62 Fact Sheet

    :: PSTN Messenger Fact Sheet

    :: Text Messenger Fact Sheet

    :: GPS Messenger Fact Sheet

    :: M61-96 Fact Sheet