Messenger Systems - Messenger Training/Support

We can provide training for customers using or piloting our equipment, this can be tailored to suit individual project requirements but as standard we offer the following:

  • Messenger Unit installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Host Terminal installation and maintenance
  • Host Terminal operation

Each course includes practical examples and lasts between half and one day. To help familiarise new users with the functionality of the Messenger System and to help train Host Terminal operators, there is a "Training Version" of the Host Application.


The Host Terminal, as with any 'IT system', requires a degree of ongoing maintenance in order to make sure everything runs smoothly.

This maintenance should only be a few minutes a week for the Messenger System as the Host Terminal provides an alarm display for Host Terminal problems. We can train customer's own staff to perform this maintenance or alternatively we can provide support and advice as part of a Service Level Agreement.

We also provide a "Training Version" of the Host Application to allow users to familiarise themselves with the system. You can
simulate incoming alarms, create new remote sites, reprogram operational settings, export data - in short, all the functions of a live system but in a dummy environment.

The following are also available;

  • Messenger RSSI Measurement Kit
  • Messenger Configuration Kit