The Messenger host software is the focal point of any Messenger System but with the development of it now removes the need for a customer to run their own host system when using our remote monitoring products and instead allows them to use any internet browser to view the status of their units from anywhere in the world.

It is simple to  use with a variety of useful features to enable quick response to alarm conditions detected at remote sites.The monitoring units are configured to report to our managed host servers at our offices in Belper and our secure web server then allows customers to see their units online.

The user can also configure the system to send out emails or text messages to report alarm conditions.

 The application offers the following main facilities:

Remote Site Monitoring Features

  • Alarm Screen listing sites with current alarmsNHDS Remote Site Monitoring Features
  • Events Display with date/time listing of all events reported from remote sites
  • Site Display showing the status of equipment monitored by individual Messenger units
  • Archived alarms and event data with a variety of on screen search criteria

General Features

  • Can monitor any number of remote Messenger units
  • Alarm forwarding to mobile phones as text messages
  • Alarm forwarding as e-mail messages

Meter Reading Features

  • Display Status of all meters at a site (32 bit counters)
  • Logging of actual meter reading on each contact with the site
  • Poll site on demand for latest meter values
  • Reports including usage by week/month/quarter/year
  • Reports of usage per site and group of sites
  • Report comparing usage against the average
  • Meter Reset function at the Host is available for all our Messenger / Waste Watcher /  remote site monitors.

Users have access to numerous display screens for alarm lists, historical data and site management tools. Location information for each site is stored in standard database format and includes text names for the sites, location information, custom fields, individual site inputs, text descriptions, etc.

Host Terminal Scaleability

A mixture of Messenger Units can be monitored through

 :: Messenger System Overview (2.3MB)