M6205 - New Addition to M62 Monitoring Range

NHDS have launched a new addition to the range of Messenger M62 mains powered monitoring units. The M6205 is a device that contains 16 volt-free contact inputs and an optional 3 analogue inputs.  The difference with this unit over the standard model is that the 16 volt-free contacts are opto-isolated (to 3KV) and use a larger signal voltage, allowing inputs to be connected over significantly longer lengths of cable  than the standard model.

Usually, the longer the length of input cable connection, the more signal is lost over distance, especially in electrically noisy environments, meaning that contact closures could be missed.  Using the higher excitation voltage, however, allows far longer lengths of cable to be used to connect inputs (up to 50 meters), all of which are electrically isolated.

The 16 inputs can be provided as 8 alarms and 8 counter inputs or as 16 alarm inputs.  The unit uses either GPRS or GSM data to communicate with host monitoring station.

As with all units in the M62 range, the M6205 also reports on mains voltage status and has an onboard battery that allows the unit to continue operating and reporting for 48 hours in the event of mains failure.

NHDS Monitoring Range now available with GPRS Communications, December 2009

Most of the range of remote monitoring products are now available with GPRS communications as an option.  GPRS is a more economical way to get data between the remote unit and the host system. It also removes the need for the host computer to have dedicated GSM modems to receive calls as calls are received directly through the internet using a secure connection.

GPRS based units can still talk to a customers own host computer system or alternatively can communicate directly using the NHDS servers.  In this instance the status information can be viewed  through any internet browser rather than using a dedicated program, and alerts can be sent out using emails or text messages.

Launch of September 2008

NHDS have launched a new web hosting service for our remote monitoring products, This new service removes the need for a customer to run their own host system and instead allows them to use any internet browser to view the status of their units from anywhere in the world. The monitoring units are configured to report to our managed host servers at our offices in Belper and our secure web server then allows customer to see their units online.

Users can also configure the system to send text messages or emails when alarms are reported, removing the need to constantly check status of units.

The major facilities available in our standard host terminal system are all available in the web hosted version, including the ability to view historical events for units, configure the units remotely and set up the forwarding of alarms to a number of mobile phones or email addresses.

The advantages of using a web based service instead of having your own host terminal is that there is no need to have a dedicated PC running 24 hours a day to receive data from monitoring units in your office. We also use dual servers and multiple modems for fault redundancy and are able to monitor and correct any host problems as they occur.

Launch of GPS Tracker July 2007

NHDS launch new battery based tracking unit. The Tracker uses a GSM modem and the GPS satellite system to provide location reports of equipment without requiring external power. The unit is designed to determine its location at regular intervals (e.g. hourly, daily, etc) and to forward these reports, either in real-time or as a groups of readings to a central host using either SMS text messages or GPRS data. Currently, the unit is customised to report to individual customer's own host systems but a new NHDS mapping host is currently in development.

The unit can last more than 3 years on it's internal battery before a replacement is required. Battery life can be extended further by reducing the amount of readings taken and the frequency with which they are reported.

Applications include asset tracking and vehicle location where no power source is available.

Waste Watcher scheme extended to cover all stores nationwide

A major UK retailer has opted to roll out their Waste Watcher compactor monitoring scheme to include most of their major stores throughout the UK as a result of a successful initial scheme.  Exclusive distributors of the Waste Watcher, Systematic Servicing Ltd, have now placed an order for several hundred units to be fitted to compactors around the country.
It has been found that the initial system has made significant savings in the costs of waste collection by reducing the amount of collections being made for each monitored compactor.  This has had the additional affect of reducing carbon emissions for waste collection services.
Over the last few months the system has been tailored to provide a customised service.  This has produced additional benefits such as being able to detect faulty compactors which would not otherwise have been spotted and being able to provide back-up alerts based upon an individual  compactor's usage history when the main alerts are unavailable due to compactor faults..  The system also monitors trends in the monitored units, working out how frequently individual compactors require emptying, how many strokes it takes to become full and then raising alerts when sites vary from their normal usage.


Scheme to monitor compactors at major retail outlet

By only arranging waste collections when necessary, significant savings are made from the reduction of the number of collections made previously. Overall the system will improve operational efficiency, reduce transport costs, improve customer service and reduce environmental impact.

NHDS develop an MS4 sign driver 04-02-2005

NHDS have been intrinsically involved in the design and development of traffic control systems for over a decade. Our Sign Drivers have been controlling Highways Agency Variable Message Signs (VMS) as well as proprietary signage since 1994. Working initially with Serco Systems, and latterly Signature, NHDS have continued to design, develop and manufacture Sign Drivers capable of controlling the whole range of Highways Agency overhead VMS Signs, up to and including the new MS4 series.

Variable Message Signs have been positioned on the UK’s motorway and trunk road network since the 1970’s. They typically relay general safety guidance as well as information about accidents, delays and weather conditions. The new series of MS4 signs are currently on trial on a section of the M4, and the Highways Agency are monitoring driver feedback to ensure that they meet their commitment to provide better information to drivers.

>NHDS introduce a self powered GSM meter reading unit 10-01-2005

Based on the well proven M61 product, to date over 3,500 M61’s have been deployed. The M61-96 meter reader has been developed to meet the environmentally harsh requirements of the water meter reading environment.

The M61-96 is self-contained and requires no external power source.
Time and date (including leap year adjustment) are maintained locally on the M61-96, accuracy is guaranteed to within 2 minutes per annum and is based on the ‘Real Time’ downloaded from the Host Management Terminal.
The unit is IP66/67 and designed to be submersible to 1m. The retractable aerial has 2m of cable allowing the unit to be mounted below ground in environmentally harsh surroundings. The main body of the unit is extruded polycarbonate, the ends are sealed (glued) and potted and all cable entries and exits are sealed and potted to eliminate moisture ingress.

Latin America Proves Successful for NHDS 18-11-2004

ESSBIO S.A. the Chilean Water Utility, owned by Thames Water, has placed an order with Simelco Ltda, NHDS’s recently appointed distributor in Chile, for their GSM remote monitoring products. The units will report equipment status and alarm conditions from remote water treatment plants to the host software located within ESSBIO’s central control rooms. Two host terminals, equipped to communicate with 500 units each, will be installed with first phase of remote monitoring units.

This is a major achievement for Simelco Ltda. We congratulate Simelco for their efforts in securing this exciting new business in less than four months. This proves that NHDS products have a variety of applications on a global scale, confirming our decision to move into the Latin American market. NHDS are currently working closely with UK Trade and Investment on a strategy to identify new markets for their range of products and services.

> Waste Watcher Set To Cut Compactor Costs 19-02-2004

Waste Watcher benefits everyone in the waste circle.

Once the compactor is full, the contractor is informed via an existing PC or by email or text message, and a vehicle can be despatched or re-routed. This cuts down on part-load journeys, improves vehicle movement planning and, for recyclable collections where transport costs are recovered through the value of the material collected, it is now possible to ensure lorries are sent to collect full loads only. The producer can be informed too, giving advanced warning that a lorry be will be arriving on site and ensuring minimum disruption. And for the supplier or maintainer, the system reports and details immediate faults ensuring an engineer is sent when required with prior knowledge of the nature of the problem and the equipment and parts to fix it.

> ISO9001:2000 Achieved 22-01-2004

Quality is something NHDS take very seriously, as the business has been built on providing quality products and services. To endorse this the company has attained ISO9001:2000 status.

Commenting on the achievement Tim Hernon, head of operations and a partner at NHDS, states "I take comfort in attaining ISO9001:2000, but what is more encouraging is the speed at which we attained it. This clearly demonstrates our business procedures were in good shape from the outset."

> NHDS Release a PSTN version of Messenger 61. 17-09-2003

Until now NHDS have enjoyed enormous success with their Messenger 61 product which was designed to monitor volt free contacts, reporting status alarms in real time over the GSM network. Alarms are received either by a host PC installed with the NHDS software or interfaced directly with the clients LAN or SCADA network.

Current users are very happy with the operational characteristics of the Messenger. In particular where a power supply is either unavailable or site conditions do not allow for connectivity, (such as high voltage power supply monitoring) this lithium powered unit is ideal, giving a 10 year, maintenance free, self powered life.

Success has led to customers wishing to extend the use of Messenger units to areas without GSM coverage, such as the basement of a building or an area to which coverage has not yet been extended.

 NHDS and CXR announce a strategic partnership. 19-06-2003

NHDS has entered into a strategic partnership with CXR Anderson Jacobson (France) to offer a range of end-to-end remote monitoring and host software solutions to the French marketplace.

The partnership complements CXR’s current products in the field of ‘Transmission and Network Access solutions’ with the NHDS ‘Messenger’ range of products, designed to give operational visibility to remote and often mission critical assets. In return NHDS will benefit from the cutting edge technology developed by CXR and its associate companies within Microtel International Inc. NHDS and CXR have worked together for over 10 years bringing together their design and development expertise in the communications sector.

 A clearly visible example of the long-standing relationship was the joint development and production of sign drivers for the Variable Message Signs, currently being installed throughout Britain’s motorway network.

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>19-02-04. "Waste Watcher" set to cut compactor costs.
>22-01-04. ISO9001:2000 attained by NHDS.
>17-09-03. NHDS release a PSTN version of the Messenger 61 a self-powered remote monitoring unit.
>19-06-03. NHDS and CXR announce a strategic partnership to deliver end-to-end remote monitoring solutions in France.