>NHDS and CXR announce a strategic partnership - June 2003

NHDS has entered into a strategic partnership with CXR Anderson Jacobson (France) to offer a range of end-to-end remote monitoring and host software solutions to the French marketplace.
The partnership complements CXR’s current products in the field of ‘Transmission and Network Access solutions’ with the NHDS ‘Messenger’ range of products, designed to give operational visibility to remote and often mission critical assets. In return NHDS will benefit from the cutting edge technology developed by CXR and its associate companies within Microtel International Inc. NHDS and CXR have worked together for over 10 years bringing together their design and development expertise in the communications sector.
A clearly visible example of the long-standing relationship was the joint development and production of sign drivers for the Variable Message Signs, currently being installed throughout Britain’s motorway network.

>Messenger 61 continues to roll-out for Scottish & Southern Electricity - March 2003

Following the successful trial of 63 Messenger 61 units over winter 2000-01 for monitoring pole mounted GVR reclosers, and the subsequent award of an on-going contract to supply approximately 2000 Messenger 61 units over a period of 5 years in November 2001, Scottish & Southern Energy will be taking delivery of a further 750 Messenger 61 units in 2003 to make their total to date of 1500 Messenger 61 units on their network.

>National Grid Wireless gives the Green Light for Remote Meter Reading with Messenger 62 - October 2002

National Grid Wireless have confirmed their commitment to the NHDS remote monitoring product range by placing an order for 1000 Messenger 62 units. The Messenger 62 is currently being installed in "packet sub-stations" on National Grid Wireless' cellular base station sites to enhance their role of site managers to the cellular operators. The primary role of the Messenger 62 is to provide a Remote Meter Reading facility for electricity usage by cellular operators over the "T-Mobile" PCN network. The Messenger 62 communicates billing and alarms data "over-air" to the Messenger Host Terminal, where records are produced to enable National Grid Wireless to provide up-to-the-minute accurate records on electricity usage on individual sites for their customers. It also provides a valuable secondary role in providing data on the mains supply. This order is the first stage of an on-going roll-out to provide monitoring and metering facilities to all National Grid Wireless cellular sites.

>Secure Options choose Messenger 61 product for void property monitoring - August 2002

Approximately 400 void properties managed by Secure Options will be monitored using the Messenger 61 product. Extremely low power consumption has allowed the Messenger 61 to be installed inside Secure Options new generation void property monitor. Specifically designed to provide a means of alerting the alarm management centre if unauthorised access occurs in empty properties where there is no electricity connection, the Messenger 61 provides a cost effective means of void property management over the GSM network.