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M6205 Added to Range of Messenger Monitoring Products

The latest addition to the Messenger M62 range of mains powered remote monitoring units is the M6205.  This unit differs from the standard range in the use of 16 opto-isolated volt-free contact inputs, each allowing for far longer cable connections to monitored inputs (up to 50m).  more

Monitoring range now available with GPRS Communications

The majority of the NHDS monitoring range is now available with the option of using GPRS communications. GPRS data is more economical, faster and now the most common method of data communications  more

Launch of

NHDS have launched a new web hosting service for our remote monitoring products, This new service removes the need for a customer to run their own host system and instead allows them to use any internet browser to view the status of their units from anywhere in the world. The monitoring units are configured to report to our managed host servers at our offices in Belper and our secure web server then allows customer to see their units online. more

Launch of GPS Tracker 
July 2007

NHDS launch new battery based tracking unit. The Tracker uses a GSM modem and the GPS satellite system to provide location reports of equipment without requiring external power. The unit is designed to determine its location at regular intervals (e.g. hourly, daily, etc) and to forward these reports, either in real-time or as a groups of readings to a central host using either SMS text messages or GPRS data. more

Waste Watcher scheme extended to cover all stores nationwide
February 2007

Systematic Servicing roll out the scheme to monitor compactor levels following great success with the initial installations. The system will now comprise several hundred units throughout the UK. more  


French distributor CXR places order for M62. December 2006

French distributor CXR places order for M62 for a monitoring system for a North African rail operator.




Scheme to monitor compactors at major retail outlet
May 2006

Systematic Servicing, the UK distributor for the Waste Watcher unit, has placed an order for a major system to monitor compactor levels for a major retail outlet. The system will notify operational staff about the status of the compactor and the container levels via the host PC and forward e-mails to key members of staff. The system can show at what rate the container is filling and when collection is required. Overall the system will improve operational efficiency, reduce transport costs, improve customer service and minimise the environmental impact. more

NHDS develop an MS4 sign driver
February 2005

Designed in partnership with “Signature SA”, the new fully integrated Sign Driver has the ability to control the   latest pictogram based MS4 motorway signs currently being trialled by the UK Highways Agency.  It provides the means to control various types of display and can, if required, be configured to drive different types of display in combination. more

NHDS introduce a self powered GSM meter reading unit
January 2005

Based on the well proven M61 product, to date over 3,500 M61’s have been deployed. The M61-96 meter reader has been developed to meet the environmentally harsh requirements of the water meter reading environment. more

Latin America Proves Successful for NHDS
November 2004

ESSBIO S.A. the Chilean Water Utility, owned by Thames Water, has placed an order with Simelco Ltda, NHDS’s recently appointed distributor in Chile, for their GSM remote monitoring products. more


Waste Watcher Set To Cut Compactor Costs
February 2004

In partnership with Systematic Servicing Ltd, NHDS launch the new Waste Watcher – the compactor and waste equipment remote monitoring unit. The new custom designed unit improves efficiency by reporting compactor status, volume and fault information to contractors via email, text message or direct to an office pc. more

ISO9001:2000 Achieved
January 2004

Quality is something NHDS take very seriously, as the business has been built on providing quality products and services. more



NHDS Release a PSTN version of Messenger 61
September 2003

NHDS have enjoyed enormous success with their Messenger 61 product which was designed to monitor volt free contacts, reporting status alarms in real time over the GSM network. The new PSTN Messenger has a built in V22 line modem which can utilise land line connections on site, thereby extending the range of Messenger systems into areas with poor GSM coverage. more

NHDS and CXR announce a strategic partnership.
June 2003

NHDS has entered into a strategic partnership with CXR Anderson Jacobson (France) to offer a range of end-to-end remote monitoring and host software solutions to the French marketplace. more