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Company name: Scottish & Southern Energy

Business Sector: Electricity Distribution

NHDS Product: 1579 Messenger M61

Application: Monitoring PMR (Pole Mounted Reclosure) in remote areas beyond the scope of a SCADA network.

"Installation of the Messenger units on the electricity distribution network is providing Scottish and Southern Energy with a very cost efficient solution for remote monitoring the operational activity of our PMRs. Messengers are installed extensively throughout our UK wide network and form an integral part of our commitment to monitoring and improving the network performance for our customers' electricity supplies" Landel Johnston - Scottish & Southern Energy

Monitoring Remote Areas

Key Requirements Monitor pole mounted re-closure activity Improve network performance Enhance network reliability Seamless integration with existing SCADA network

Operational Benefits Reduction in customer minutes lost Visibility to pole mounted re-closure operation Reduced number of site visits Improved and recorded overall picture of equipment reliability Changes to control room architecture/operation minimised