Markets - Service Sector

Typical applications for the NHDS product range in the Service sector are for remote monitoring of vending machines, ticketing systems and ATM machines. 

The functionality and consequent benefits of the entire NHDS product range derive from the software fitted to the remote monitoring units and host terminal.  The precise nature of the data delivered from these units to the desktop is determined by the specific application, but may be considered to be in one or more of three general categories as described below. Note that all information is produced automatically and continuously and is available on demand by the user from a desktop PC.

Asset management information

This is information relating to the maintenance of a particular vending/service machine, and is based partly upon derived historical data and partly upon the ability of NHDS monitoring systems to respond rapidly to changes in condition.  Examples are:

  • Number of cycles of equipment operation
  • Equipment downtime analysis
  • Maintenance records
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Machine failure
  • Product levels
  • Maintenance visit monitoring
  • Machine failure
Operational Information

Information is available in real time or as an historical record over time. Typical information provided could be:

  • Product sales statistics
  • Machine security - attempts at break-in or vandalism
  • Machine location -  attempts at removal
  • Tracking of stolen machines
  • Door open/door closed time stamping
  • Note and coin reader failure monitoring
  • Connection via GSM or landline

It can be seen that the potential application of the product range is very wide, and the type of information supplied by the installed product offers benefits to business planners, management and security staff.

NHDS for the Service Sector