Messenger Systems - Text Messenger

Text Messenger


  • Power supply interruption/reconnection notification
  • Monitors 8 digital inputs (can be expanded to 24)
  • Counts pulses on all 8 inputs (e.g. Meter Reading)
  • Built in GSM modem and antenna for transmitting data and alarms
  • Mains powered (230V/110V) with rechargeable lead acid battery
  • Routine cold start message to enabled mobiles to confirm readiness
  • Fully re-programmable text messages for alarms
  • Up to 6 mobile telephone numbers can be configured to receive messages
  • Alarms configured to be resent up to 6 times, at programmable intervals
  • 4 expansion ports for additional (customised)I/O cards.
  • Local diagnostics/configuration port
  • Bi-Colour LED for activity indications
  • Test button
  • IP66/67 wall mount enclosure, with venting to IPX4
  • Can be remotely reprogrammed over GSM.
  • Plugs into existing 13 amp socket (power monitoring only)

To view a PDF of the Text Messenger Fact Sheet click on the link :: Text Messenger Fact Sheet

The Text Messenger has the ability to continuously monitor power supply. In the event of a power failure a text message will be sent immediately via mobile phone. A second message will be sent once the supply has been re-connected. Text Messenger also has the ability to report on up to 8 additional inputs.

Technical Specification


Standard Modem GSM 900/1800 (dual band) integrated modem. Requires a data enabled SIM card. Antenna On board stub antenna. Can be replaced by external antenna and lead.


  • 24 x direct connections of which 12 may be opto isolated inputs.
  • Type - Normally Open / Closed NO/NC is software selectable.
  • Programmable activity monitor is software selectable (1-255 state changes).
  • Programmable Latching input (NO/NC) is software selectable, reset programmable 1-255 seconds.
  • Minimum time required to detect input operation (i.e. debounce) 20 ms (debounce).
  • Directly connected inputs Non-isolated, switched to zero volts. Input terminals High Density Connector.
  • Maximum conductor size 24 awg.
  • On board Event Logs Memory 100 (expandable if required).
  • On board Comms Event Logs 100 (expandable if required).
  • Memory.


  • Digital Inputs - 16 programmable messages up to 32 characters each, expandable to 48 messages.
  • AC Monitoring - 2 programmable messages up to 32 characters each.
  • On board Regulator Monitoring  - 2 messages up to 32 characters each.
  • Float charged battery - 2 programmable messages up to 32 characters each.
  • Cold Start - 1 programmable message up to 32 characters .
  • Site Name - 1 programmable message up to 32 characters.

Message Sending

  • Mobile Numbers up to 3 mobile numbers configurable (must be capable of accepting SMS text).
  • Re-sends Programmable 1-6 for alarms. Interval between resends programmable at 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Power Supply

  • External Supply  - 230/115v ac, switch selectable, 1A fused nominal power 100 mWatts.
  • Battery specification  - Double D "Cyclon" sealed lead acid 2.5Ah 4V 78w x 68h x 44d.
  • Current consumption  - Quiescent: 1 mA.
  • TX/RX: 200mA to 600mA at 4V dc.
  • Max. charge 800mA. Current limited by mains PTC and dc regulator.


  • Rating - IP66, fitted with Vent to IPX4.
  • Material - Non Flammable Polycarbonate, colour RAL 7035.
  • Dimensions - 182mm (h) x 180mm (w) x 90mm (d).
  • Mounting - 4 x M4 (5mm diameter) wall mounting holes. Holes located outside watertight seal. Holes at 115mm vertical and horizontal centres.
  • Standard Cable Entry -  Mains: 1 x 20mm hole fitted with IP66 cable entry gland. Gland accepts cable diameters in range 5mm to 10mm. Inputs: 1 x M25 hole fitted into IP68 cable entry gland accepts cable diameters in range 6mm to 13mm.


  • Approx. Weight (inc. modem and stub antenna) 1 Kg.
  • Operational temp range 20C to +55C (GSM Modem) -40C to +70C (Messenger unit).
  • Retry Algorithm (in case of failed calls/busy Host) 10 retries at approximately 1 minute intervals, per mobile.

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