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The Messenger range of products and options can be used for remote monitoring of vehicle and trailer fleets.

Whilst demands on logistics businesses continue to grow and profits are ever under threat to shrink, managers are continually seeking innovative ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.  Messenger helps to address this by reporting alarmed status of vehicles, trailers and cargo as text messages directly to a driver's mobile phone or to a PC located in a traffic office.

Refrigerated transport is one area that Messenger can add real value by keeping a constant watch over fridge temperature. When temperature goes out of range the driver is immediately informed by a text message to his mobile phone, the traffic office is also informed. The alarm is time and date stamped and stored locally for future reporting. Other functions of the trailer can be monitored, for example fuel level, oil level, doors opened/closed. The GPS Messenger offers the above functionality along with positional data, giving accurate information of not only when an event occurred but where.

The logistics sector may derive significant benefits from remote monitoring - vehicle cargo temperature validation improves load integrity, and localisation and driver alert is an invaluable response to the threat of theft or hijack.

Fitted with its own 10-year life battery it works independently of the vehicle electrics. All information is produced automatically and continuously and is available on demand by the user from a desktop PC, or alarm messages may be sent to a mobile phone.

Operational Information

  • Doors open/closed
  • Trailer/Vehicle location
  • Improved driver security
  • Delivery delay times
  • Temperature out of range warning
  • Alarm warning (fuel, oil/air pressure, coupled/uncoupled etc)
  • Trailer/vehicle security breach
  • Operating hours
  • Remote diagnostics

It can be seen that the potential application of the NHDS product range is very wide, and the type of information supplied by the installed system offers benefits to logistics planners, financial management staff and fleet operators.

NHDS for Transport