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Applications for the NHDS product range in the Utilities market are across all sectors: power distribution; gas distribution; water supply and wastewater treatment.


NHDS Messenger units have been supplied to a number of Regional electricity companies.  As part of the new OFGEM IIP (Information and Incentives Project) all interruptions to customers’ supplies must be counted and reported. Messenger monitors the Auxiliary Contacts of Pole Top Reclosers and reports operations to a central Host via the GSM (mobile phone) network.

During fault clearing, the date and time of each trip and close and lockout are reported to a Host PC located in the control room. This information can then be passed to Network Management Systems and included in OFGEM interruption reports.

The Messenger system in this application is designed to be extensible - auxiliary contacts in electricity substations are also monitored and alarm conditions are detected and subsequently used for equipment fault reporting and analysis. 

A Messenger option has also been developed to allow integration with Earth Fault Indicators.

The deployment of Messenger units has resulted in increased network performance, better management and operational information and a reduction in customer minutes lost.

Messenger Project Profile 

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Project Details

  • Company name: Scottish & Southern Energy
  • Business sector: Electricity Distribution
  • NHDS product: 1,579 Messenger M61’s
  • Application: Monitoring PMR (Pole Mounted Recloser) in remote areas beyond the scope of a SCADA network
  • Key Requirements
    • Monitor pole mounted re-closure activity
    • Improve network performance
    • Enhance network reliability
    • Seamless integration with existing SCADA network
    Operational Benefits
    • Reduction in customer minutes lost

    • Visibility to pole mounted re-closure operation

    • Reduced number of site visits

    • Improved and recorded overall picture of equipment reliability

    • Changes to control room architecture/operation minimised

    Customer Comment “Installation of the Messenger units on the electricity distribution network is providing Scottish and Southern Energy with a very cost efficient solution for remote monitoring the operational activity of our PMRs.  Messengers are installed extensively throughout our UK wide network and form an integral part of our commitment to monitoring and improving the network performance for our customers' electricity supplies.”           Landel Johnston, Scottish & Southern Energy.

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    When applied to water distribution networks, the Messenger unit acts as a Standalone Remote Terminal Unit (SRTU) for counting and sectorization.  The Messenger-based SRTU transmits data provided by water flow meters and provides invaluable operational information.

    Operational data
    • Data gathering and storage of information from one or two transmitting heads
    • Processing of information and alarm generation (i.e. over flow, under flow)
    • Transmission of other alarms (i.e. Access violation, cable cut etc.)

    Typically flow meters are situated in remote and difficult to access locations, in a chamber below the road surface for example, with no power supply and where GSM is the only form of communication.

    Messenger can also be installed to report alarms/status and carry out pulse counting functions on other plant and equipment used in the water industry.

    • Pump and associated equipment monitoring
    • Tank level monitoring
    • Pressure monitoring


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