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NHDS has first-hand experience of the waste handling and waste management market and this experience led us to develop a range of products specifically for this industry.  WasteWatcher is designed to allow remote monitoring of fixed and mobile waste handling equipment such as balers and compactors. 

With increasing demands on all sectors of commerce and industry to improve processes to take account of environmental factors, the waste management sector has grown accordingly. However, the need for more efficient waste processes is ever-present and the industry is continually seeking innovative ways to improve efficiency and reduce cost. WasteWatcher helps to address this by reporting alarmed status of machinery and equipment directly to a desktop PC. Uses of WasteWatcher in the waste management sector are wide and can include remote monitoring of virtually any type of fixed or mobile waste handling machinery. The benefits of WasteWatcher are increased productivity, reduced equipment maintenance, rapid response to out-of-parameter conditions of the equipment being monitored and improved management and operational information. Typically fitted to compactors, WasteWatcher can also be installed on baling machines and a variety of other plant and equipment. Installation is very straightforward. The WasteWatcher unit is provided with a colour-coded lead that is connected to the existing relays or volt free contacts. The unit is connected to the existing mains power supply and has a battery back up. Units are typically housed within the existing control panel. It will report the following to Host terminal software installed on the users existing PC.

Management Information

  • Container capacity maximised
  • Improved planning and routing of trucks
  • Improved utilisation of haulage fleet
  • Reduced empty running
  • Less disruption to customers operation
  • Less reliance on customers for information
  • Accurate and timely management information for strategic decision making
  • Validation of service level compliance
  • Increased control of product (balers)
  • Visibility to unauthorised use of equipment (balers)
  • Notification of equipment failure
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased bottom line profits
  • All events are date and time stamped for future validation and scrutiny

Functionality monitoring

  • Compactor pre-full
  • Compactor full
  • Overload
  • Auto mode on/off
  • Emergency stop button depressed
  • Oil pressure/level low
  • Number of ram movements
  • Bin lift movements
  • Container removed/returned
  • Power supply interrupted
  • Number of bales produced (Counter)
  • Full load awaits collection (Alarm)

Many applications exist within the Waste industry for the GPS tracker where there is a requirement not only for remote alarm notification but also for real time location information. This is particularly useful when the whereabouts of plant/equipment is often an issue or there is a risk of theft.

Waste Management