Waste Watcher

For remote compactor monitoring, Waste Watcher is a rugged, waterproof unit that sends compactor status, volume and fault information over the GSM mobile phone network to a waste recycling contractor, waste producer or waste recycling equipment providerís computer or mobile phone. Waste Watcher has been designed for retrofitting to most new and existing waste compactors or recycling balers and it is also suitable for remote monitoring and gathering information remotely from a variety of waste recycling plant and equipment used in the waste industry.

Central to the system is the NHDS host terminal software, installed on existing PCís to view the remote monitored information.

The Waste Watcher telemetry software runs on a windows platform, is simple to use and designed to be highly user configurable accommodating the needs of most waste recycling users.

Audible and visible alarms are generated when events such as compactor   pre-full or compactor full, compactor power supply failure or compactor oil level low are monitored and reported. Remote compactor monitoring events can be forwarded to mobile phones as SMS text messages or to any number of e-mail addresses to inform off-site personnel about the status of the compactor. The unit can also carry out meter reading and counting functions with thresholds set to create alarms so, for example, when a pre-determined number of bales has been produced staff are informed that a full load awaits collection from the compactor.

All remote monitoring events are date and time stamped so it is possible to validate when a compactor container was removed for emptying and returned to site. Monitored data from the compactor is stored locally and uploaded to the host PC during each communication and can be displayed in a variety of ways using the suite of reports.  It can also be exported to existing software packages such as Excel for further analysis.

Remote monitoring of a compactor used in waste recycling increases operational efficiency and improves monitoring of service levels.  Compactor monitoring also provides compactor status reports to reduce machine downtime.

For more information on compactor monitoring with Waste Watcher please call on the number shown on our contact page or fill in your details on the form provided and we will call you back.

The following PDF document is also available:

Waste Watcher Overview ::

Please note the WasteWatcher is distributed and installed exclusively by Systematic Servicing Limited.

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Waste Management
Benefits of "Waste Watcher" compactor monitoring and waste recycling telematics
  • Improved operational efficiency

  • Service level validation and contract compliance

  • Increased control of waste recycling

  • Informed decision making and strategic planning

  • Reduced machine downtime

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Cost reduction - increased bottom line profits

  • EU regulation compliance such as IPPC Directive

Waste Watcher waste recycling telemetry monitoring applications
  • Compactor remote monitoring

  • Balers/Shredders monitoring

  • Recycling and separation/screening plant

  • Leachate collection tanks monitoring

  • Forecourt interceptors and commercial septic tanks monitoring

  • Separation and holding tank monitoring

  • Centrifuges, belt presses and pump remote monitoring

If you have a monitoring application not listed please call us, we will undoubtedly be able to help.